Colorado Springs

1333 Interquest Parkway Colorado Springs CO 80921

PHONE: 719-375-1987


Pioneers. That’s what we are. We blazed a trail from Italy to New York to Colorado...all to bring you authentic pizza (you’re welcome). Our recipe has stayed the same since 1984 because when something’s great, you just don’t mess with it. And all those farm-to-table restaurants popping up? We’re one of the originals. We’ve been buying local since the very beginning, and we even use a homegrown Denver food distributor. Plus, many of our ingredients (like our flour, sausage and produce) come from right here in our sunny state. At the risk of sounding too sentimental, we’ve stayed true to our roots, creating awesome food that’s got history and flavor. And we’re still doing it today. Consider us the original Colorado farm-to-pizza pioneers.